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In 2010 the BP oil well Deepwater Horizon had a catastrophic failure that affected life along the gulf coast. Some of the damage is still unknown. But British Petroleum (BP) and the government have come to an agreement that finalizes all claims due to this accident. So if you live in one of the communities specified, you should explore whether or not you are eligible for a settlement offer from BP. After April 22, 2014 you will never have another opportunity.

Many many people and businesses qualify to make a claim under the final BP Deepwater Horizon Settlement. The two questions below pretty much sum up the claim qualification process.

1. Did you live or work in any of the affected areas in 2010? (The answer must be yes).

  • Florida (All of the Panhandle and the Gulf Coast counties from Tallahasee south to Naples/Marco Island)
  • Alabama (anywhere)
  • Mississippi (anywhere)
  • Louisiana (anywhere)
  • Texas (counties of Chambers, Galveston, Jefferson, and Orange)

2a. (Personally) Did you make less money in 2010 than in 2009 ?

If yes, just fill out our contact form now so we can call you. Even if answer is no, you may still qualify for a claim, but we have to talk about it. You DO NOT have to prove your losses were related to the oil spill. Maybe they were clearly NOT caused by the spill and your income was lower for other reasons. But that does not matter. You may still be eligible for a settlement payment from BP. Those are the terms of the settlement.


2b. (Business) Did your business experience a downturn during all or part of 2010-2011?

You do not have to prove your losses were related to the oil spill. You might even have had a BETTER year after the oil spill, but maybe not as good as it could have been. Let our experts determine your eligibility and get you the maximum amount you are entitled to under the settlement.

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